Honeywell Combustion Safety offers the most comprehensive, consistent and disciplined third-party combustion system equipment testing and inspections program in the world!

The Honeywell Combustion Safety Difference:

Experience: Honeywell Combustion Safety auditors conducts inspections on over 1,000 fuel combustion systems in 20+ countries each year.

Precise: Developed over 30 proprietary checklists for each different type of equipment, evaluating over 165+ points per checklist.

Code Assessments: Comprehensive analysis on Code compliance, maintenance, installation and overall operations, as well as recommendations to improve facility safety.

Immediate Notifications: Honeywell Combustion Safety provides immediate notifications once “critical” issues are identified to help sites quickly resolve immediate life safety concerns.

Formal Reporting: Provides a detailed listing of all findings, ranked by severity, to assist sites in prioritizing maintenance action plans.

Safety Rankings: Identified concerns are ranked by severity to help management prioritize maintenance action plans.

Online Asset Management: Honeywell Combustion Safety’s exclusive online database SafeView provides managers with immediate access to every identified and ranked safety issue to begin tracking repair progress across all sites of their organization.

Why do Safety Testing?: Codes (NFPA 85, NFPA 86, ASME CSD-1) require testing for all safety interlocks, devices, valves and various other safety components for fuel-fired systems on an annual basis:

System Design and Support: Our licensed professional engineers can troubleshoot burner management systems, diagnose problem light offs or operational issues, document missing or altered wiring schematics, analyze and test emissions, perform calibrations, document proper set points, and much more.

Engineering Assessment: Honeywell Combustion Safety utilizes proprietary checklists that screen each fuel delivery system and piece of equipment against the following distinct criteria: Code compliance, operational Issues, maintenance and installation issues, technological advances & best practices, and training deficiencies.



Honeywell Combustion Safety’s industry-exclusive SafeView is an interactive tool that helps our clients manage their risk and reporting. Utilizing iPads and Honeywell Combustion Safety’s proprietary innovative technology, our service technicians are able to identify safety and compliance issues and log them immediately while on-site. Then, using a ranking system prioritized by severity, SafeView helps plant, engineering and maintenance managers schedule repairs and track their status across multiple plants, cities, states, and in some cases, multiple countries in one secure system.







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