Not only do Honeywell Combustion Safety engineers understand the National Codes and Standards, we help to write them! Our organization’s leaders are also industry leaders, sitting on a wide variety of Code committees:

NFPA 85    NFPA 86    NFPA 87    NFPA 56    ASME CSD-1    NBIC

Our programs are built around the National Standards and Codes, verifying compliance with current standards through testing and inspecting. Our proprietary evaluation system includes:

  • 30 equipment-specific checklists
  • 140+ points per checklist
    • Over 35 testable safety interlocks
    • More than 100+ engineering issues assessing:
      • Installation
      • Code
      • Maintenance
      • Training
      • Operations
      • Technological Advancements

We extend this vast knowledge of the industry standards into every arm of our business. There is no other professional engineering firm in the industry today with our level of expertise when it comes to Codes and compliance.

As the industry’s premier Code experts, we have unlimited resources to help you with any of your Code related questions or concerns. Start your journey with the following table and our “Code Cheat Sheets” or give our Code experts a call for more information.

What Codes Apply to my Equipment?


Print Our “Code Cheat Sheets”:

NFPA 85 and 86 Training Requirements: Download PDF

NFPA 85 & ASME CSD-1 Training & Testing: Download PDF

NFPA 86 Testing Requirements: Download PDF

NFPA 54 Cathodic Protection: Download PDF

NFPA 56 Compliance Guide: Download PDF

Bryan Baesel – General Manager

Member of NFPA 85, NFPA 86 and assisted with the development of the new NFPA 87

Jason Darrell – Field Service Manager

Member of NFPA 87