Established in 1984, Honeywell Combustion Safety is the industry leader in the field of combustion safety; providing expert consulting, training and engineering services for all types of fuel-fired equipment. Honeywell Combustion Safety (HCS) is the largest independent fuel train safety testing company in the world, offering the most comprehensive, consistent and disciplined combustion equipment system inspection program in the industry. Each year we inspect thousands of fuel trains and fuel-fired equipment globally. Our large and diverse Clientele include numerous Fortune 1000 corporations in the Automotive, Metals, Food & Beverage, Building Materials, Paper, Utility, Pharmaceutical industries and more.




To fulfill our mission, we have created a combustion equipment “Risk Reduction Process” that is derived from our experience in the development of programs for some of the world’s most successful, safe and efficient corporations.

We refer to it as improving your People, Policies and Equipment. The PPE program helps optimize combustion system operations with low-cost and no-cost techniques that can save thousands of dollars annually, and prevent the kinds of incidents that cost lives.


CODE EXPERTISE: Members of our staff serve on 6 national combustion related safety committees:

  • ASME CSD-1 – Controls and Safety Devices for Automatically Fired Boilers
  • NFPA 85 – Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazards Code
  • NFPA 86 – The Standard for Ovens and Furnaces
  • NFPA 87 – The Recommended Practice for Fluid Heaters
  • NFPA 56 – The Standard for Fire and Explosion Prevention During Cleaning and Purging of Flammable Gas Piping Systems
  • National Board Inspection Code – (NB-23)
  • UL 834 – Standard for Heating, Water Supply, and Power Boilers – Electric

We don’t just understand the National Codes and Standards, we help to write them!


We Have Global Capabilities

Our community of partnerships expands our reach to a global scale. We are more accessible to more clients in more countries; there is no limit to where our Service Team will go to keep our Clients, their facilities, equipment and employees safe.

Our extensive global engineering and design capabilities with strong internal partnerships enable us to deploy our best people anywhere in the world to meet and exceed our clients’ needs. Honeywell Combustion Safety’s globally deployable expertise combines our integrated engineering systems with the best team of experienced specialists, problem-solvers, and service technicians have experience of successfully resolving different challenges on almost every type of combustion equipment in the world!

We’ve Moved!

Honeywell Combustion Safety and Combustion Service Teams have moved to new building located right next to the Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

2100 Apollo Drive
Brook Park, Ohio 44142
+1 (216) 749-2992


Part of a Strong Community

Honeywell Thermal Solutions is committed to providing its customers with combustion and heating solutions that are safe, reliable, efficient and clean. We’re building on our strong legacy to provide products and solutions that help customers better serve a global marketplace to address the toughest challenges. HTS solutions streamline integration, installation and end-user interaction while improving efficiency and performance. Our platforms are engineered for flexibility and compatibility with a service and support network that spans the globe. We’re investing in a combustion industry with innovation and scalability for the future.

Honeywell brand commercial combustion products provide solutions for HVAC and burner and boiler control systems including programmers and primaries, valves and actuators, limits and pressure controls.

Honeywell Eclipse offers a comprehensive range burners, recuperators, heat exchangers, and fully engineered combustion systems for industrial heating processes that deliver safe, reliable, efficient, and clean heat.

Honeywell Kromschröder manufactures gas combustion and controls for heating and process applications from filters and regulators, to safety shut-off and control valves, to the burner management system.

Honeywell Maxon provides burner solutions and engineered combustion systems for industrial process heating applications including gas and oil burners and valves, hazardous area shut off valves, and low and Ultra low NOx burners.

Exothermics is the leading source of reliable, high-efficiency heat exchangers for industrial equipment manufacturers and industrial end-users in every industry that uses heat to process, dry, cure, bake or finish their products.

Hauck supplies combustion solutions to the asphalt and fracking industries with a complete line of burners and integrated combustion solutions making combustion processes more efficient and reducing fuel costs.