10 Corrosion Questions to Ask

  1. Is our underground piping system coated?
  2. When was our underground carbon steel piping system installed?
  3. Is the underground carbon steel piping insulated from above-ground piping?
  4. Is our underground carbon steel piping system cathodically-protected?
  5. Is the cathodic protection system being monitored on a yearly basis by a corrosion technician?
  6. Does our natural gas piping system have an accurate map or drawing?
  7. Do we have a maintenance program for exposed steel gas piping?
  8. Do we have any atmospheric corrosion on our exposed steel gas piping?
  9. When was the last time we had a leakage survey conducted on our facilities’ underground piping systems?
  10. What loss of revenue would we sustain if our fuel gas supply was interrupted for one day? One week?

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