Combustion training provides the necessary tools to empower you and your personnel to more safely operate, troubleshoot, inspect and maintain fuel-fired equipment. Human error is the #1 cause of industrial and combustion-related accidents. Most personnel are not adequately trained in the safe start-up/shutdown of combustion equipment, daily operations or proper testing and maintenance procedures.

Honeywell Combustion Safety’s expert staff of professional trainers educates thousands of people including managers, operators, skilled trades and risk/insurance personnel throughout the world each year!

Honeywell Combustion Safety’s training services dramatically reduce the risk of combustion system accidents; helping to cut costs, extend equipment life, and more importantly, enhance safety.

Training Options:

Onsite Training: Customized to your specific processes, utilizing facility equipment for demonstrations. Shift training options are available.

Online Training: Access our standard modules or customize lessons to train your employees from any site around the world 24/7 via Combustion University.

Combustion Safety Workshops: Offered multiple times each year, our elite workshops are hosted at Honeywell Combustion Safety Headquarters in Cleveland, OH; Honeywell in Rockford, IL; or in select cities around the United States. Open to all (with CEU’s available), send one employee or a group for their annual training requirement. Click here to sign up for our upcoming workshop!


Your One-Stop Virtual Safety Training Shop

The team of experts at Honeywell Combustion Safety has developed over a dozen easy-to-follow narrated online training modules that can be accessed from any computer, 24-hours per day, 365 days per year. Train 1 or 100 employees at any site anywhere in the world! (a license is required per person.)

Learn how to reduce risk, optimize efficiency and improve the safety and reliability of combustion equipment within your facility.