Honeywell Combustion Safety's safety services provide valuable combustion solutions to clients for all types of fuel-fired equipment across numerous industries throughout the world. Our mission is to save lives and prevent explosions while increasing the efficiency and reliability of combustion equipment.

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We specialize in five key areas:

  • Inspections & Testing -  The most comprehensive, consistent and disciplined third-party combustion system equipment safety testing and inspection program in the industry!
  • Engineering & Upgrades/Retrofits -  Our disciplined team of professional engineers has resolved almost every type of combustion issue you may encounter to help eliminate safety exposures, reduce nuisance shut downs, identify issues that can destroy equipment, and uncover efficiency and cost saving opportunities.
  • Gas Hazards Management - Mitigate and manage risks related to fuel piping systems.
  • Training- We offer customized onsite, offsite, and online sessions designed to provide your site(s) with a long-term sustainable program for maintaining the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of your fuel-fired equipment and fuel delivery systems.
  • Field Services- The Honeywell Combustion Service Team consists of over 75 factory trained technicians, engineers and support staff. Services are available 24/7.