Safety Prescription Reduces Risk of Boiler Headaches

Boiler Risk Reduction HighlightsCS PHARM-01-01

– Increased reliability and safety of personnel and equipment

– Enhanced trouble shooting skills of staff

– Increased code compliance

– Creation of combustion system safety road map

– Prioritized listing of combustion action items and budgetary costs


An industry leader in biotechnology and a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company contacted CEC Combustion Safety after a risk assessment was completed. Two strategies were identified that would help to save lives, reduce costs and prevent explosions and outages.

Solution:CS Corp Inspection Program - Auto-02
Collaborating with CEC  the team developed and implemented training and inspection programs at their 1 million+ square foot manufacturing facility that used three packaged boilers to generate steam for use in various processes. During the inspection, CEC was able to identify numerous combustion safety deficiencies in the categories of:

– Fuel Control Risks
– Human Factor Risks
– Equipment Maintenance
– Safety Component Function & Reliability

Of these discoveries, 10% were critical and required immediate resolution. Nearly 84% of the items were regulated by national codes and industry standards.

The team also held a two-day boiler and combustion system-training course titled “Making Money and Saving Lives with Your Boiler”. The effective boiler management section covered operational and economic efficiency tips. A second day included hands-on application of testing techniques. During the combustion system hazards recognition session, an attendee actually identified and resolved an unsafe condition that had been overlooked for years. Human error is the number one cause of explosions and proper combustion training of facility and maintenance staff can help prevent these deadly mistakes.
Benefit:CS Corp Inspection Program - Auto-03
The client received a detailed road map for proactively implementing repairs and building a safer combustion culture. Some of these tools included prioritized listing of findings, budgetary repair costs, referenced code justification and digital photos. Without the recommendation and assistance of the insurance company, CEC would not have been able to provide inspection services for this client and increase their awareness of the safety risks in the facility.Explosion Background.


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