Top 10 Underground Piping Questions

Ask yourself these 10 questions to identify how well you understand your underground piping systems, and evaluate your potential vulnerability to underground corrosion disasters.

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Protection From Underground Danger

The fuel distribution piping at your facility may be in danger from a natural occurring process. Corrosion is the cause of about 35% of all fuel pipeline accidents according to the US Department of Transportation’s Office of Pipeline Safety

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10 Tips to Help Avoid Natural Gas Piping Issues

Understanding gas piping can mean the difference between life and death in a time of emergency. Here are 10 tips to keep in mind to help you avoid natural gas piping issues.

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Preparations for Natural Gas Piping or Equipment Change-Out

Facility staff should should review and have the ability to shut off natural gas both outside at the main shut-off and inside at different locations. This article describes things to review that could mean the difference between life and death in a time of emergency.

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Why Little Leaks Ruin and Jeopardize Big Boilers

Just a little drip is a problem in both hot water and steam boiler systems. Pressure vessels don't have to be big to hurt you.

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Natural Gas Pressure Testing - 10 Hazards to Avoid

Whenever gas piping is repaired, extended, or newly installed it must be purged. The rules and best practices for handling these situations are often misunderstood, even by those conducting the work. This has caused much pain and suffering including deaths, explosions, and the loss of billions of dollars in industrial assets. This document seeks to clear up some misconceptions and provide the insights needed to make sure this work is done safely at any facility by applying the codes and standards such as OSHA 1910, NFPA 54, and the equipment standards like NFPA 85 or NFPA 86.

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Anatomy of a Gas Piping Repair

Analyzing various gas piping repair issues, the piping repair process has been broken down into 10 main steps as are identified within this article.

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