Natural Gas Training Guides a University to Safety During Conversion Project

Natural Gas Conversion Project Highlights:

  • Safety hazards and Code compliance issues corrected in recently commissioned $50 million powerhouse.
  • Armed maintenance staff with crucial knowledge for working with a new and unfamiliar fuel.
  • Staff able to oversee third party engineering team for correct installation and purging procedures.



A large Northeastern U.S. University and their entire city were converting from fuel oil #2 to natural gas to reduce fuel costs. The university invested millions of dollars to commission a brand new powerhouse and hired an engineering firm to install all new piping, burners and combustion management systems in preparation for the change. Keeping safety as his number one priority, the Facilities Director sought out training for his entire crew since no one had ever used natural gas or the new equipment.


The campus Facilities Director attended CEC’s Combustion Safety Workshop in Cleveland, OH. Impressed by the course, he employed CEC to provide 2-days of on-site training for his staff. Prior to conducting training, CEC visited the campus powerhouse and conducted a walk-through of their operations. NFPA Code items were identified and brought to his attention for consideration prior to start up.


CEC trained 22 boiler operators, maintenance workers and EHS representatives over 2 days on campus, focusing on combustion basics, working with natural gas, maintenance techniques, Code requirements and hazard recognition. Their Facilities Director returned to city officials, university superiors and the hired engineering firm with life safety and Code required items to correct prior to introducing natural gas city-wide. With these high priority items brought to their attention, the training not only affected the safety of students and staff, but of city officials and residents alike. The value they received to keep an entire city and campus safe is something to which no price can be assigned.

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