Shut-Off Valves – Maxon – 5000 Series

Maxon Corporation Service & Maintenance Recommendation Supplement For Maxon Series 5000 Shut-Off Valves

This Maintenance Recommendation is prepared for: Automotive Assembly Plants

This Recommendation Concerns Maxon 5000 Valves installed on Automotive Assembly Plant Paint Oven & Spray Booth Fuel Trains.

General Recommendations: To perform regular operational checks and leak testing set forth in currently published Maxon Literature. Refer to currently published Maxon Catalog Pages 6100-S-1 through 6100-S-14 while using this supplement as an aid.

Specific Recommendations: It is recommended that Automotive Assembly plants perform opening and closing tests on all Maxon Series 5000 Gas Shut-off Valves on fuel trains at regular intervals as set forth in currently published Maxon Catalogues Pages 6100-S-1 through 6100-S-14.

Specific Objective: To exercise these valves and check for sluggish opening or closing operation.

What to do if you find one: If sluggish operation, including sluggish opening or closing is encountered, remove the valve from service and/or contact Maxon for recommendations, or replace it.

Contact the Maxon Factory, Muncie IN at (765) 284-3304, or the Detroit Area Maxon Branch Office at (734) 464-3733 to answer any of your questions, or for additional recommendations.


This Recommendation is prepared by:
Clem Schultz, Maxon Corporation
(810) 225-6194


Equipment Product Advisory

April 24, 2000

Revision date: January 10, 2001