Low Water Cut Off – ITT McDonnell & Miller – M&M Series 42, 150-159 Family

McDonnell & Miller Series 42 and 150-159 Low Water Cut-Offs manufactured from January 2015 to April 2015, date codes A51 to D51, may allow the controlled water level in the boiler to slowly increase overtime.  If not replaced, this may lead to boiler inefficiencies and, in extreme cases, potential boiler flooding. The product part numbers impacted are listed on the following pages.


Two different courses of actions are recommended for the impacted Series 42 and 150-159 product:  

The company President of each Rep firm will be receiving a list of customers that purchased impacted products direct from Xylem. Please contact and work with your customers to implement this program.  The additional pages with the Bulletin are specific instructions for how to handle customers with uninstalled (Stock Products) and customers with installed products. These pages are appropriate to share with Wholesalers, OEMs and Contractors.


We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your assistance with this product inspection and exchange program.



Mark Pondel
Field Service Manager

Bulletin #7434

Equipment Product Advisory

June 15, 2015