CEC’s Technical Expertise Assists Insurance Co. in Speedy Explosion Investigation

CS Explosion IR - Insurance-01Project Highlights:

  • Explosion Investigation
  • Insurance Partnership
  • Business Protection and Recovery



One of the top 10 largest property and casualty insurers in the United States called CEC experts in following a boiler explosion at a Medical Center which resulted in a serious injury.

CS Explosion IR - Insurance-02Solution:

Senior Technicians at CEC participated in the initial incident investigation to conduct a visual examination of the boiler. They then developed the detailed testing protocol to govern all on-site investigation contractors and processes. CEC reviewed the boiler safety devices and control components, then performed the Code gap analysis for the future safety of the Medical Center’s operations; discovering multiple Code issues.

CS Explosion IR - Insurance-03Benefit:

CEC’s development of the investigative procedures guidelines allowed the boiler assessment to be structured and completed within 1 week of the incident. CEC’s Code gap analysis identified over 15 mandatory and suggested repair items, which served as the baseline for the insurer’s future requirements and recommendations. The insurance provider was able to quickly discover the root cause of the incident and issue their determination, and the medical center was able to get their business back up and running with a better handle on the overall safety of their equipment and facility in record time.

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