Explosion Sparks Industry-Leading Corporate Inspection & Training Program

CS Corp Inspection Program - Auto-01

“No injuries in North America due to incidents involving combustion equipment since the inception of the inspection and training program in 2000.” – Vice President of North American Manufacturing



A multinational automaker had a large boiler explosion that resulted in loss of life, injury and extensive damage. The event sparked immediate attention from corporate leadership as well as governing agencies. As they sought to prevent such tragedies from occurring again, a mandate was imposed company-wide. The directive was to utilize a third-party vendor to develop an inspection and training program to provide training at all plants, as well as to inspect every boiler at all of their North American facilities for the next 3 years.

CS Corp Inspection Program - Auto-02Solution:

With an existing relationship with Honeywell Combustion Safety, corporate leaders and HCS worked closely to develop a corporate program focusing solely on combustion and safety. HCS conducted boiler inspections at all the automaker’s North American plants; customizing equipment checklists and establishing the corporate standards.

CS Corp Inspection Program - Auto-03Benefit:                  

The program produced outstanding results and was quickly extended to include non-boiler combustion equipment; occurring on an annual basis. For over 15 years, HCS and the automaker have worked together to reduce life safety and Code required items, train hundreds of employees and enhance their combustion equipment and processes to reduce risk at their manufacturing locations worldwide. Since partnering with HCS, the manufacturer has had zero injuries due to incidents involving combustion equipment! HCS is proud of that achievement and strives towards that trend for all Clients.

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