Honeywell Combustion Safety offers services to mitigate and manage risks related to fuel piping systems. With experts serving on 6 national code committees, our team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that all gas piping and purging work is conducted safely and documented to meet your project objectives.

Gas Hazard Mitigation Services

Pipeline Commissioning: Field labor services include cleaning, pressure testing, and purging pipelines into/out of service.

Design Review: Design reviews of piping systems for serviceability and NFPA 54/56 compliance issues related to purge points, vent designs and locations, and accommodations for taking systems into and out of service.

Personnel Training: Targeted training programs provide the knowledge and skills required to minimize human error. Our firm’s standard modules, simulators, and internal subject matter experts will enlighten all who direct or participate in piping maintenance or purging practices.

Compliance Programs: Compliance programs for nationally applicable safety standards related to gas piping systems include the development of corporate governance statements and policies for isolating, purging and servicing piping systems.

Corrosion Control Services: Corrosion control procedures are required for all piping systems. Our work includes detailed corrosion surveys, monitoring programs, and design review for new and existing systems.

Facility Audits: Physical condition audits provided from customized protocols; screen for installation issues, maintenance practices, operational issues, code compliance, design issues, best practices, and the possibility of applying new technologies that can enhance safety.

Proper planning and commitment to safety is needed to provide the focused disciplined that can make the difference between success and failure during a gas piping project. Learn more about our expert services