Safe Gas Conversion Project Planning Saves Time and Money for Multi-site Corporation

CS Gas Conversion - Paper Package-01“…They did a great job coordinating with our utilities company, the contractor, our EPC Contractor, and the boiler team, and completed the gas conversion project in a safe and expeditious timeline…” – Construction Manager


A leading producer of corrugated, packaging and recycling solutions keeps safety as a top priority. After reading an article from CEC online, facility leaders contacted CEC inquiring about a line breaking permit. After extensive discussions with CEC’s Gas Hazards Management Group, it was decided that CEC’s expertise was required to complete the upcoming gas conversion project safely.

CS Gas Conversion - Paper Package-02Solution:

CEC engineers conducted a scoping and design review to document existing plant issues and develop comprehensive procedures for the purge into service activities. The CEC team managed all on-site activities; working with the contractor to safely purge the system into service while also conducting training for plant personnel who had never worked with natural gas. Inspired by CEC’s level of work, Corporate Officers committed CEC to conversion services at 4 additional sites.

CS Gas Conversion - Paper Package-03Benefit:

CEC was able to minimize the manufacturer’s planned revenue loss by conducting the purging services within a few weeks’ time. CEC experts also discovered a variety of Code issues and leaking valves which were repaired to enhance the company’s safe daily operations, while also training over 50 of the organization’s operators. With the resurgence of natural gas as a low-cost fuel resource in North America, many industrial facilities would benefit from using CEC’s services to safely convert to natural gas.

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