Explosion Leads to Creation of Best-in-Class Safety Program

CS Inspection Program - Bldg Mat-01“…the work with HCS has been some of the best ever. They are a top tier organization with lots to look forward to…” – Corporate Combustion Champion



A global manufacturer of paper and building materials had a minor explosion at one of their Southern U.S. plants. Honeywell Combustion Safety was contacted to test and inspect the site of the event. This event lead to an investigation which highlighted numerous gaps in equipment, personnel and NFPA 86 (standard for ovens and furnaces) compliance across all sites. A thorough and rapid response via a new safety program was needed.

CS Inspection Program - Bldg Mat-02Solution:

HCS collaborated with the newly appointed Corporate Combustion Champion to launch HCS’s corporate safety inspection and testing program at 20 facilities. Critical functional and procedural safety items were identified and quickly resolved within a few short months. The executive team, plant managers and maintenance managers had visibility of inspection findings and resolution progress across all locations via SafeView, Honeywell Combustion Safety’s online asset management platform.

The safety testing program’s successful progression achieved significant reductions in critical equipment issues (posing immediate life safety) from hundreds, to a manageable few dozen for all sites. Additionally, the client was able to proactively plan, prioritize, and budget/fund 25+ combustion system upgrade projects and enhanced training programs for all targeted personnel.

CS Inspection Program - Bldg Mat-03Benefit:

Fast forward a few years, the Honeywell Combustion Safety and Client collaboration has achieved a best-in-class combustion program, without explosions; generating safer and more proactive workers, higher equipment reliability, fuel efficiency and environmental compliance, better process control and overall product quality improvements.

As their leadership for industrial safety grows, Honeywell Combustion Safety is proud to be their partner in safety.



Honeywell Combustion Safety has been in business since 1984. With engineers and staff members that sit on Code committees such as NFPA 56, NFPA 85, NFPA 86, and NFPA 87, our inside expertise is integrated within all of our practices and our global reach ensures that customers around the world are kept safe. Honeywell Combustion Safety offers Testing and Inspections, Engineering & Upgrades/Retrofits, Gas Hazards Management, Training, and Field Services for all industrial facilities and different types of fuel fired equipment. Contact Honeywell Combustion Safety at +1 216.749.2992 or visit www.combustionsafety.com for additional information.

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