Proven blueprint with over 30 years of building and managing corporate-wide combustion safety programs!

Honeywell Combustion Safety’s Corporate programs ensure the highest levels of safety, reliability, efficiency, and proactive resolution recommendations for fuel-fired systems and gas piping systems at industrial facilities worldwide. These solutions bundle our services and extend them into each and every site; enforcing the safety culture and ensuring corporate compliance standards are met.

We can customize a program for your specific equipment, schedule and personnel needs. By combining our safety solutions, our experts are able to focus on people, policies and equipment to deliver a turn-key program that immediately reduces your risk of a combustion hazard or safety violation.

Through program customization, our Corporate Clients see a multitude of benefits:

  • Reduced risk from improved equipment and hazard knowledge
  • Operations enhancements through procedure standardization
  • Reduced nuisance shutdowns and unplanned downtime
  • Energy reductions through equipment efficiency enhancements
  • Improved in-house maintenance techniques and troubleshooting
  • Better site and process management via SafeView

… And every benefit has a direct impact on improving your bottom line and protecting business continuity.

Ask about our Corporate Programs to understand how Honeywell Combustion Safety can help your organization achieve a best-in-class safety culture.