Honeywell Combustion Safety’s Mission: To Save Lives & Prevent Explosions while Increasing Efficiency and Reliability of Combustion Equipment.

CEC Combustion Safety 30 years

HCS was established because industrial explosions and fires cause billions of dollars in property losses, countless injuries, and tragically, death. Yet, all of these events can be prevented.¬†Our 30+ years of success is due to this mission; it is our core focus and passion. And in striving to prevent fires and save lives, our Clients’ organizations see added benefits from reduced energy and fuel costs to extended equipment life, enhanced maintenance and operations practices, and overall improved safety.

We are the world’s leading partner in safety; going above and beyond services that can be offered by any equipment manufacturer, jurisdictional inspector, property or risk engineer or local contractors. We have built a system for combustion safety consulting and service that cannot be matched.