Variable Depth Disconnect Switches – Allen-Bradley – 1494V

1494V-DS200 Series B and 149V-DS100 Series A Disconnect Switches “1494V PSA”


Rockwell Automation has determined that some Bulletin 1494V-DS200 and 1494V-DS100 Disconnect Switches may malfunction in such a way that a safety hazard could be present for personnel involved when the switch is expected to be OFF – but in fact is ON.

The following products may be affected by this issue:

Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1494V Variable Depth Disconnect Switches

1494V-DS100 series A, 1494V-NX10 series A, 1494V-NX15 series A
1494V-DS200 series B, 1494V-DH622 series B, 1494V-DR622 series B, 1494V-DHL622 series B
1494V-DRL622 series B, 1494V-DN200 series B, 1494V-DNL200 series B

The contents of this Product Safety Alert have been reviewed by the Americas Sales and Support Group


Problem Description

It has been determined that , in some units, bolts holding the operating mechanism to the switch mechanism may become loose. If this occurs, the operating mechanism may become dislodged from the switch in a way that makes the operating handle indicate that the switch is “off” when the switch mechanism is in the “on” position. This condition might create electrical shock hazard to maintenance personnel.

This effort has been assigned a Type I Mandatory Safety Priority – participation by applicable Company Field personnel is mandatory. This is not a general product recall.

Product Identification

The disconnect can be identified by the product nameplate on the front of the unit. Bulletin 1494V-DS200 Series B and Bulletin 1494V-DS100 Series A disconnects are effected by this Safety Alert. This Alert refers to product manufactured prior to July 2000.

Required Customer Action

We are requesting that you perform the following functions:

  • You should read the Product Safety Alert and Preventive Maintenance Procedure. This is a Type I Mandatory Safety Alert. This classification requires immediate action.
  • It is important that you continue to use lockout/tagout procedures while working on equipment which is subject to disconnect switches such as the Bulletin 1494V.
  • Immediately inspect, per the Preventive Maintenance Procedure, all Bulletin 1494V-DS200 Series B and DS100 Series A disconnect switches. Check for missing or loose bolts as indicated. If either of these conditions is found, or if there is a crack in the housing as indicated in the diagram, replace the switch. A replacement switch will be provided at no charge. Contact you local distributor for a free replacement switch. Material will be returned following the GTM SMS process.
  • A-B recommends that kit (Cat 1494V-H13) be installed to ensure that bolts remains secure. This kit can be ordered from your local Allen-Bradley distributor at no charge.


Jeff Depka
Product Manager
Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley, Inc.